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We help empower your child to be more coordinated, calm & connected with their world.

Nature Occupational Therapy helps kids navigate their bodies, thoughts & relationships, allowing them to live with greater joy and ease.

Rooted Kids Nature Occupational Therapy gets kids outdoors and uses

a strengths-based approach to guide them, helping them flourish and grow. We provide services at our private OT Studio or at a nature park in San Luis Obispo, California.

Rooted Kids' Nature OT:
growing confident kids in the heart of SLO County.
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About Mya

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Mya is a mother, occupational therapist and outdoor enthusiast with nearly 20 years of clinical experience. Her love of nature, EcoTherapy certification, and 12 years as a provider in schools has given her the tools to help children foster life skills while developing resiliency in beautiful, natural settings. A bicultural speaker proficient in Spanish language, she's an ideal partner for children who need comfort and support beyond the classroom walls.

If you're looking for a competent Occupational Therapist you can trust to work with your child, you’re in the right place.

For decades, the amount of time kids spend time outdoors doing physical activities and socializing with their peers has steadily decreased. In many cases, time spent outdoors has been replaced by time spent with technology. As a result, many young people's socialization, self-regulation, sensory processing, and academic skills, like organization and handwriting, are negatively affected. Additionally, children are exhibiting increased signs of anxiety, depression, and loneliness.

To help with this 'technology burnout,' getting kids back into nature can provide them with a sense of calm, connection, and clarity. They are often struck by the sheer beauty of nature in a fleeting moment, building on their sense of gratitude for the things around them and the wonders nature has provided. Weekly outdoor experiences help young people feel more in touch with their place in the world and provides them with a connection to something greater than themselves. They become more connected, improve their coordination and concentration, and have more success self-regulating emotions. They develop healthier relationships with themselves and others, and improved self-awareness and self control.

To find out if Rooted's nature-based OT services are a good fit for your young one, read on or feel free to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation.


Why Nature ?

When children's toes are poking in the dirt, the feeling of the earth underneath them helps their bodies slow down and can make them feel more aware of themselves. Nature simplifies their world. Their brain is activated and they are able to manage their emotions better, making them more cognitively and socially available. Nature OT removes many external distractions, giving kids a unique opportunity to build skills with the guidance of highly qualified occupational therapists.


Tantrums and anger ensue when screen time ends. Your child becomes out of control. You give in so you don't have to deal with the intense emotions, even though you know it's not best for them.

Boy Reading Tablet

Resist Getting
Off Screens?

Image by Sigmund

Your child often leaves a small tornado behind when they leave a space, but are oblivious. You're tired of picking up after them and nagging them to do it.


Image by Obie Fernandez

Reading social cues, making friends, keeping friends, and healthy reciprocal relationships are really hard for them. You just desperately want your child to have friends.

Have Difficulty
with Relationships?

Writing in a Notebook

Their writing doesn't stay on the lines and it's difficult to read their letters and numbers. You feel they're not getting out all of their creative ideas because writing is so difficult. 

with Handwriting?

If you answered YES,
Rooted can help! 

Does your child...

Falls, trips, and bumping into people and objects happen often. You see they tire easily, hurt themselves, or can't keep up with their peers.

First Aid for a broken arm


Stop Struggling Alone!

At Rooted, we take kids out into nature and fresh air to work on important skills. Your child will feel CALMER and more CONFIDENT and CONNECTED with Rooted's OT expertise.

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