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About Rooted

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I'm passionate about bringing life-changing results to my clients and their families. As a professional, I make sure my sessions are focused on empowering young people with the skills they need to succeed. My goal is to build relationships that outlast and it's why so many clients come back time after time and refer people they know. Rooted OT fosters confidence and capability for true independence, something both my clients and I take great pride in creating together.

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Are you looking for an Occupational Therapist who understands your child's needs? With nearly 20 years of clinical experience, I'm ready to provide compassionate support that's tailored to fit your unique situation. As a mother with both pre-teen and teen children myself, I know firsthand how difficult parenting can be and am committed to help make "teening" smoother sailing.​

As a young teen, I was awestruck by the incredible work an occupational therapist did with my 5 year old cousin with physical disabilities, making a significant and positive difference in her life. Their creative problem solving skills and kindness sealed it for me, and I decided it was my calling to become an OT.

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Occupational therapy (OT) is client-centered and promotes health and wellbeing by performing purposeful activities.


A child's purpose is to explore their world, being a learner, and building healthy relationships. But sometimes kids need help to be able to comfortably explore, learn, and make connections. Occupational therapists help clients make adjustments and find new strategies so they can fully engage their world and participate in daily life activities with ease, comfort, and joy.


An OT masterfully analyzes each component of the task at hand and helps identify the specific adjustments that will help whether they be environmental or physical, or about building better self-awareness or creating a shift in mindset.

Occupational therapy in the wild embodies how nature and healthcare coexist. Time in nature decreases anxiety and negative beliefs, helps with thinking skills, and improves development. Discovering the "awe" in nature during nature OT sessions brings a sense of grounding and peace to our clients . Nature is a therapeutic tool that fosters wellness and heals, which we are witnessing in our clients daily.

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