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We help convert screen time
to green time!

While tech is a reality for the younger generation, sometimes it can feel like it is swallowing them up. In most cases, kids need limits and guidance about the content they are consuming and how time is OK to spend on devices, since the constant barrage of stimulation can be so alluring.


Modern kids are spending much more time indoors than past generations and sometimes they can develop an aversion or extreme discomfort to being outside. Research tells us that spending time outdoors is critical for our kids' mental health and physical wellness, but patterns have developed that make it a challenge. The pandemic, health risks, unfavorable weather, and the lure of tech and social media are all culprits. I


Our OT sessions for nature-resistant kids gently introduces or reintroduces them to the outdoors in safe and comfortable ways. 

How does OT help encourage green time?

We love to partner with families and help kids with "buy-in" to participate in more green time and reduce their technology use. The goal is not to eliminate technology; instead we focus on helping children develop healthy screen habits and encouraging them to explore other fulfilling and meaningful activities.


This can look different for every family. It might mean having the family plan a picnic or outdoor meal, a short walk outside several days a week, a scavenger hunt to find a favorite item in a local park or woods, or join an outdoor hike/bike/clean-up/excursion with a local group.

Rooted OT sessions makes time spent outdoors fun, engaging, and client-centered. Sessions often end with kids saying, "Aww, t's already over?!" We use all of our senses and explore what's around us. We climb trees, wade in the water, dig in the mud and sand, make stick forts, hang hammocks and swings, and play social games in groups.  

Make Rooted OT part of your child's lifestyle today and watch the transformation begin!

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