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teen enjoying therapy session


Nature can nurture the soul. It is a resource that has incredible benefits and is accessible and free for all. But not everyone feels like it's for them. In my practice, I partner with nature intentionally to help young people embrace the outdoors and achieve their therapy goals to become more well-balanced humans. 

OT outdoors promotes thinking outside the box. When I experienced the pandemic with my own children and alongside my students (behind screens via teletherapy), I realized the nature void present in many young people. It was then that a burning desire to help kids grow and learn in nature was born!

kid enjoy a swing above a river in an OT session

Why Nature? 

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I have witnessed that spending time in natural surrounding helps build confidence, promote creativity and imagination, encourage responsibility, model resilience, offer sensory exploration, and reduce stress and anxiety in my young clients. Discovering the awe moments nature offers with my guidance in our sessions also brings them a sense of peace and being grounded. I employ nature as a therapeutic tool to heal and foster wellness.

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