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Social Recreation

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Social Recreation

Kids need socializing and fun to grow! We offer crafts, games, problem-solving and creative opportunities for kids to connect with their peers. We love to incorporate what your child enjoys and introduce them to new ways to play and connect with each other. We are inclusive, which means we invite children of all abilities to join our social recreation programs.

Community Garden

Community Based Learning

We're immersed in community nature spaces in SLO County! These wonderful spaces welcome us since our missions align to serve children of all abilities in nature. We become stewards of the environment and care for plants, animals, and people in our community while we have fun exploring & growing outdoors.

Practicing Martial Arts Outdoors

Life Skills

Life skills are essential for being successful in play, school, and relationships. Whether we're making no-bake treats, creating plans for a group project, or exploring how to self-advocate, we're developing important life skills to help make our young clients more confident and capable!


Does your child need social recreation opportunities to become more connected to their community and peers? We provide fun experiences in nature to support your child. We've now made it easier to on-board your child - no therapeutic evaluations and treatment plans are required for Social Recreation programming! 

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We are eager to chat or email with you if you have questions.


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