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Rooted also offers Occupational Therapy
consulting to help in areas like:
Mindful Parenting, Home Organization,
and Teacher Staff Wellness & Training

Parent Consultations:
Need helpful strategies for parenting young people + teens amid screens & challenging times?

Our kids can get swallowed up by their screens and finding a way to access them and their world can be challenging. We can provide helpful tips for starting and maintaining open lines of communication, laughing together, and parenting with more joy and ease. You are not alone when it comes to these challenges!

Image by Anthony Fomin

Staff Wellness:
Would your staff benefit from learning about nature-based tools for their own self-care and to support their students? 

These are stressful and unpredictable times for teachers and school staff. By learning research-based daily breathing exercises, wellness practices, and classroom tips for sensory calming, your staff will feel more grounded and be armed with refreshing strategies to build their resilience and have an awesome year!

Image by Husna Miskandar

Home Organization:
Would creating more order in your home or child's room help their focus, organization, and sense of calm?

Considering the flow of the room, colors you choose, lighting, and systems for de-cluttering can help with an inner and outer sense of order. We can help create neat study spaces, comfy nooks, or sensory-friendly home spaces.

sensory-friendly home space therapy

We'd love to connect with you!


Please let us know how we can help and let's get you Rooted.

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